Basic Wombat Carer’s Course July 21st 2019 - Campbelltown

  • 21 Jul 2019
  • 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Campbelltown
  • 20


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Basic Wombat Carer’s Course

Presented by

Les and Bill Waterhouse

Major’s Creek Wombat Refuge

Les and Bill Waterhouse have been caring for wombats since 2002. It has been a steep learning curve for them both.  Since becoming wildlife carers and moving to the wombat ‘hot spot’ of Major’s Creek, they have dealt with hundreds and hundreds of wombats (and often other species), some long term and others for short periods, depending on their needs.  Most survive but, sadly, some don’t.  Of this number, Les has now had hundreds of infant wombats (some as small as 80 grams) through her hands either as the primary carer or to triage them prior to passing them on to another carer.

 In the last few years the refuge has been dealing with a rising number of injured adult wombats coming into care so Bill has increasingly concentrated his attention on caring for and rehabilitating injured wild wombats as well as the sub-adult and adult hand-raised wombats. 

As well as their ‘core business’ as carers, Les is the wombat coordinator for Wildcare and the All Species Coordinator for NARG. Bill is a carer for Wildcare and the president of NARG. They are busy as rescuers of all species. Bill is a bat and snake handler. 

Their refuge now boasts 15 outdoor  enclosures, eight indoor enclosures in two dedicated buildings (air-conditioned of course!) as well as 3 in-the-house “nursery enclosures” in the dedicated wombat room in their home.

They have delivered a range of introductory and advanced courses in wombat care for several groups and also presented at the 2011 Wombat Conference in Albury on feeding regimes, case studies of adult injured animals and translocation of wombats.

This course is designed for carers who have the time and resources for the rescue and care of wombats and wombat joeys from 2kg up to release – this can cover an extended period of time.

Please Note – this is NOT an Advanced Course and does not cover Pinkies.

The course covers what you would need to know for –
Rescue • Personal safety •.Initial assessment • Equipment • Housing • General care problems • Mange • Feeding • Record keeping • Release

*For Sydney Wildlife Members Only

To do this course you must have a current basic possum or macropod course. After completion of this course you will be designated as Rescue Only. Care of adult wombats may be authorised if you have the appropriate facilities.

After the course, and, in consultation with the branch Wombat Coordinator, Macropod Coordinator and Possum Coordinator, experienced Sydney Wildlife brush tail possum and macropod carers who have successfully raised bottle-fed joeys may be able to care for a 2kg baby wombat and greater. To care for pinky wombat joeys requires further training not covered in this course.

You must have the appropriate facilities and equipment and be regarded competent by your coordinator. Your coordinator will be contacted for verification.

Priority will be given to members with experience in raising other animals and those most likely to be able to put the training to use. 

If you register to do the course, and are later advised there isn’t a place for you, your fees will be refunded in full.

For more information phone your course co-ordinator – Liesa Wenham Ph: 0406 501 595